MBA Institute

Next intake in 2015

MBA in Global Business and Leadership at MBA Institute

An 18-month program for the International Leader and Manager of the future, on 3 campuses: Paris, London and Chicago

The program is accessible with a Bachelor's degree, or 3 years of professional experience. The MBA in Global Business and Leadership teaches and trains future executives who wish to pursue an International Career whether in France or abroad.

Through our varied and high-quality program in which we focus on the issues of International Project Management, project development, the specifics and particularities of foreign markets, leadership and management in multicultural companies, conferences and lectures given by renowned speakers, and trough the mastering of 2 or 3 foreign languages, the students of this MBA program are the ideal and logical candidates for high executive positions in a large variety of companies anywhere in the world, whether that may be in a start-up or at the top in a big worldwide multinational.

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